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we have got 25 point gain in the dow, a busy week with earnings and the fed and where do we go from here? >> if the week we have had you could see the way we have seen this, a lot of volatility but at the end of the day the market seems to and wants to trend higher. earnings season started strong, getting a little bit weaker but not having a tremendous effect on the market. next week we have a lot of economic data coming up, continuing earnings season out of the tech sector and at the end of the week we get the unemployment number. considering the fact we have delayed unemployment last time this one might not be as helpful because investors are not buying into it but overall the market wants to move higher, is moving higher and we will see momentum throughout the quarter. cheryl: markets and breaking news out of los angeles, shots fired, we want to bring you back to those live pictures of lax.
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the gunman has been taken down. passengers were evacuated from terminal 3. we are continuing to monitor this. way with additional. ashley: additional reports as often in these cases various news agencies but fox news citing an fbi spokesman saying three dead in a shooting at lax airport. first we have seen of that as information starts to come through, terminal free, domestic airlines, and spirit airlines' but the passengers have been evacuated. is unclear exactly where this occurred. reports of shots fired. as you can see massive response from law enforcement to the scene. fox news citing an fbi spokespersons' saying allegedly three people reportedly been shot and killed in this incident but we will continue to follow.
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cheryl: did these happen before the security process or after the security clearance. and tracked down serious reports at this moment but the headline three debt and it appears including the gunman as well but two additional people were killed in this morning's shooting. ashley: at happened at 9:30 pacific time, 12:30 in the afternoon on the east coast and as you can see the fbi to fox news three dead in shooting at lax airport terminal 3. you are familiar with this airport, you fly in and out of there because you are from southern california. >> the holiday season not quite under way but a busy travel day and a lot of people coming home from business trips throughout southern california. appears looking at law-enforcement they are moving slowly so not a lot of urgency. the situation wraping up so we
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are continuing to follow this situation. terminal 3 out of lax, shots were fired. all the passengers in the terminal were evacuated. they are so quick with security. >> i remember traveling back thereafter 9/11 they have everybody, and even approached the airport. you had to get off shuttles at the hotels lining the streets that lead you into the airport and you were brought into the airport, could not even approached the airport. ashley: hard to imagine someone got through security, as we all know as we travel a round world but certainly in the united states security is extremely strict and especially an airport like lax. cheryl: they will pull u.s. side. ashley: unless you run through, who knows what happened? as you see on the bottom of the screen the fbi telling fox news, did in a shooting at lax airport having an 9:30 pacific time this
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morning at terminal 3 at lax, passengers have been evacuated as you can imagine. cheryl: they are walking slow, perhaps checking secure in terminals 3 where region airlines is based, for and feared dead, lowest cost of regional carriers are peer. there is a wide shot of the turtle, you can see the planes at the gate so there is no inner outbound traffic coming in. all the passengers were evacuated. three dead, there is -- ashley: according to an sdi spokesman, we have 9 confirmed that. that was a comment from an fbi spokesperson as you pointed out. a rare sight, police cruiser, lapd, news vehicles driving around the terminal, terminal 3. as you can see reuters saying of the gunman has been taken down which may explain why this seems to be of very methodical search.
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cheryl: this is a large terminal. all kinds of retail set up. usually a long walk to your gate especially if you're traveling cross-country to one of the cost country lights. and you can see the airlines. there are a lot of room for tragedies like this happens so we are not sure where exactly the shots 5 happened. ashley: was it on the terminal? was it on the other side of the security gate? emergency personnel are gathered outside the terminal. cheryl: it has been many years. you don't hear about this happening at lax and this is the first in a long time. we are all over it. we have the breaking news accessing the story. >> tweets from bill writer, he is there right now.
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waiting for a delayed flight and he said he heard the gunshot and the first thing he did was hired under of bench. he said they have been putting people on buses, hundreds of people on the tarmac. he senses a house. they are taking people away from the scene of the shooting and he is on the other side of the terminal. the scene is a very surreal with announcements of departing flights still playing overhead at the terminal. he said at first he heard the gunfire and felt a new kind of fear. in never witnessed anything like this before. tweeting photos inside the terminal and if you check his twitter feet, it is relatively crowded. some security presence inside. the reception is very terrible so looking at someone at the airport, be patient, they are able to get tweets out but very little else. he said that after the initial
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burst of gunfire and hiding people started jumping over one another, jumping off shares, pushing each other. it was chaos and fear is how he is describing it via his tweets. he will try and join us on fox soon but fox sports on the scene, describing how the light and folded. cheryl: is it clear whether shooting happen? it was pass the security area? that is the key details. >> photos show he is at the gate waiting for his flight so certainly inside the security is what he is showing us. people were hiding in their seats at their gates under those benches. ashley: let's bring in mike baker, former cia official. is still early just getting this information coming out in bits and pieces but from an eyewitness we just heard this shooting occurred on the other
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side of the security area close to a beat where passengers get on a plane. how would someone get a gun through? >> somebody out there at that point, those shots being fired inside those terminals, pretty cavernous, so i suspect that weapon wasn't through security but i don't know that for sure. i think what happened was people reporting from the security perimeter that are inside waiting at the gates and reporting on this but i suspect the shots might have taken place on the other side. cheryl: how do you advise us what is going on with the investigation? we know the fbi reported on it as well. how will the information come at it?
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>> got to start -- they will be looking at this individual lacked, that is the big concern. once this is locked down, the immediate problem taken care of you got to figure out there is something more. they will look at any association, who was this person? you scrub the social network and social media for the individual. you are looking for any indication there was a problem and workplace violence concerns, there is a process that goes on whether it is a shooting at the airport or anywhere else on the street, investigate the process, pretty straight forward but because it is happening inside the airport and is so public and so much concern there was a shooting, it was in 2002. it left several people dead.
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it is of heightened concern. a great deal more attention. cheryl: no flights in or out of lax. busy hub for business travelers this friday morning. ashley: to that point, obviously the authorities had to go through quite a bit of background checking to first off make sure the facility is safe, this may be was a lone gunman acting but this could take a while. how long could this terminal be shut down? >> i suspect they want to make sure they secure any evidence, to do the work they need to do, once they secure this and take care of the immediate medical concerns and a massive airport operations so they are mindful of getting that back up and running as quickly as possible. having all those people milling
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about having to worry about getting them alterna that is an they don't want to deal with the they're under pressure to get the place up and running so you can walk down a crime scene and keep the fire walls away pretty quickly. so that will happen fairly soon day. the investigative process because it is a step-by-step methodical effort that won't take very long. potential motives will come up quickly. cheryl: setting the story for our viewers police reporting and fbi reporting to fox news there was a shooting this morning at lax, main airport in southern california, three people dead happening at terminal 3, jetblue airlines all with whites out of this terminal. three people did. the shooter is down, police and fbi agents evacuated the terminal. there are no flights the entire airport, lax shutdown, no
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flights coming in or out at the moment that it is of beautiful day, busy traveling, back to you. ashley: from los angeles fire department describing the situation at los angeles airport as, quote, multi patient incident. we heard from our colleagues at fox news of fbi agents telling them three people killed in this incident. mike is gone. on was going to ask how many people are around if someone pulls a gun what is the likelihood of a security officer being nearby. i would imagine pretty high. cheryl: security presence in any airport these days even after 9/11 is so prevalent. we have reports of three people dead, multiple injuries. we want to be clear here. sam joins us on the phone.
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welcome to you. what is your experience, what is -- former new york police department director of intelligence, getting this information and appreciate you joining us on short notice. what do you know about the story? >> it is a moving target at this point. what we suspect is that there was gunfire in the part of the airport that was past the security, but even that is probably at this moment. ashley: if someone pulls a gun in the situation it is unclear what side of the security gate this happened i would imagine with security being what it is today especially lax being a major hub that there would be people also aren't that could take action pretty quickly. must be difficult in a crowded situation. >> absolutely right and the two of you are on to the idea that
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11 years ago there was an incident at lax. it was the el al security official who applied the lethal violence to take down the shooter but 11 years made a lot of different airport securities, there's no shortage of officials packing heat at lax or anywhere else. one more thing i would like to add is we all experienced airport security. it is very robust but also it is not flawless and got through arm, obviously difficult to contemplate but not impossible to contemplate. cheryl: picture is coming in through twitter and fox news, people off the plane perhaps taken off the planes to be evacuated so the entire terminal was evacuate it here. giving us some directions, where would you like us to go next?
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ashley: looking at live pictures from los angeles international airport, reuters reporting gunman has been taken down passengers evacuated from terminal 3, paramedics surrounding the terminal after an incident at 9:30 pacific time. because of the reported shooting one witness saying he heard a dozen gunshots inside the security gate at terminal 3 at lax. the l.a. fire department confirming emergency crews responding to a multi patient incidents. that is all there saying. there were suggestions on some reports that three people have been killed in this shooting. that has not been confirmed other than a multi patient incident the fire department says there's no immediate word on the extent of injuries or how many we are subpoenaed television images of what appears to be people being treated at the terminal but again this all started at 9:30 a.m. this morning pacific time, people evacuated from the
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terminal land after the planes that were on the tarmac. >> very organized, everything being done in an orderly fashion. 9:30 this morning this happened. we have many joining us, former inspector general of the united states department of transportation. what can you tell us about the investigation? >> it will be twofold, to the shooter was, what was the purpose of the shooting. they have to reach screen the entire airport including the jeff: area because passengers and others evacuate it onto the tarmac and be sure they were not more involved in the solitary shooting. it will take awhile to scrub down the airport. i would not look forward to reopen. >> something like this happens, is there a precedent here?
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the airport can down the rest of the day, this is a significant event. >> it is. on july 4th, 2004, there was another shooting at lax on the fourth of july if i recall, going from my memory banks and the same thing, someone entered with a gun, shot were fired near the ticket counter and had to evacuate the airport, but the secure area was not compromised. they didn't have to read screen the tarmac and it was different because people evacuated onto the tarmac. ashley: lax is a major airport, what ripple effect will this have on travel for the rest of the day across the country and the world for that matter? >> there will be more of a ripple effect heading west. a lot of flights back-and-forth real ripple effect will be on a
1:21 pm
late-night flights to the east coast because they won't get out but a lot of traffic suggestions will be diverted to other airports and you got ontario and california and john wayne etc. so there are other places to go but the ripple effect will be overnight for planes coming back to the east coast and going onto asia and europe. cheryl: we see groups of people walking away from the terminal right now. is there a lot matted in carrying out this investigation? >> the evacuation in addition to the t.s. a security operation very and the terminal area of the local authorities, local police, airport police have to secure the rest of the airport so local police, fire departments, the fbi jurisdiction as well will be there but they will be carrying out those operations. the tse has to secure the secure areas of the terminal. the will of course also be
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looking at, areas but the medical triage, investigation handled by local police and the fbi. ashley: we need to take a break and we will come back with the latest on this reported shooting at los angeles international airport. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] it is more than just a new car... more than a new interior lighting system. ♪ it is more than a hot stone massage. and more than your favorite scent infused into the cabin. it is a completely new era of innovation. and the highest expression of mercedes-benz. introducing the 2014 s-class. the best or nothing.
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cheryl: you are looking at pictures from los angeles international airport where the tee has a has confirmed one key as a worker has been shot. passengers were evacuated at terminals resell all passengers in terminal 3 inside the airport and on the tarmac as we saw pictures earlier are being evacuated. reports of full grounds stock are not accurate. they are inaccurate. a lot of breaking developments. the spring that the former inspector general of the department of transportation. thanks for staying with us. one key question is where the shooting happened. if this shooting did in fact happen beyond security, at the airport gate, how big of an iss issue? >> tremendous issue of tremendous concern. what happens then? >> if a ask -- went through the security checkpoint in what is
1:27 pm
supposed to be the secure sterile area of the airport they would like to reject a sterile area, sweep it and make sure they're was no breach beyond the actual checkpoint area and same thing on the tarmac area. they will have to secure that again to make sure there was even innocent items left behind and someone wandering around the jeff: so they have 3 screen and recede or everything. ashley: security at the airport is expensive. if someone pulls a gun and start firing of imagining that are those who are armed close by who could respond. i asked this of other guests that must be difficult in a crowded terminal situation. >> extremely difficult. that is why there have been attacks in the past that occurred in on sterile areas.
1:28 pm
there was a bombing in rome at the baggage area. there are many attacks on airports because so many people are gathered and not necessarily in the area but it is very difficult, shooting several years ago in the lax airport. so many people around, difficult to return fire, difficult to isolate what is going on, so much baggage, so many crowds. nicole: we have been reporting airline traffic really rebounding in the last year and from personal experience the security lines are long, airports are crowded. this puts extra pressure on the security officials, doesn't it? >> it does and he recalls the tsa doing the screening at the checkpoints they don't have side weapons at their sides. they are there to trained people and of course there are certain agents that can be armed,
1:29 pm
federal agents can be armed and local police can be on, the tsa are not ready to return fire. a lot of pressure on them as well. ashley: if someone wanted to jump out of the crop and make a run through it through the checkpoint aree able to get through. clearly they would alert authorities but they just try to make a run for it. >> that happened many times. i won't see innocently. people literally trying to break through the line and make airplanes and a column writers. not assuming they were on, here with the gun, you can shoot your way through security. lori: we era business network. gun stocks are rallying. can't make a connection but they are up 4%, smith and wesson up 1%, the terminal where this happened as far as airline
1:30 pm
stocks, jetblue and the international carriers. ashley: virgin america, and as you said really affecting traffic going west until later today and tonight but this is still on going. at least back to normal, it will affect people to catch the red-eye to the east coast. >> i was in l. a. interesting things to know, guns carried by passengers to the airport this year are at an all-time high, there's another concern with concealed carry permits and passengers, not intending to break the law but just forget they have their guns we have a situation where passengers at the airport might be having a weapon so it is a dangerous mix and if you have forgotten your guns in the luggage to the airport in won't remember to get it out, there can be a lot of guns at the
1:31 pm
airport these days. not all of them carried by law enforcement. lori: we are following the developing story at los angeles international airport to keep you up to speed. (vo) you are a business pro.
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we don't have time for stuff like laundry. we're too busy having fun. we get everything perfectly clean by tossing one of these in the wash. and that's it. i wanted to do that. oh, come on. eh, that's my favorite part. really? that's our tide. what'sours? lori: breaking news, you are looking at lax, the very latest shooting this morning, confirming that one key as a worker has been shot. outgoing flights have been halted, this happens at 9:30 pacific standard time, monitoring the situation. local fire and police officials calling this a multi patience incident. >> information coming out in
1:35 pm
bits and pieces. from a market perspective, reactions to this breaking news story. nicole petallides. nicole: there's a lot to look at. first to acknowledge it is human life. that is something we have to care for carefully but also want to look at the market, keep an eye on this. dow jones industrials up 20 points at 0.1%, back and forth action, we stole the ball little bit, not being a dramatic reaction, the nasdaq and doesn't he are pulling back some, the russell has been coming under pressure hitting highs so that is the overall market and watching the airlines carefully which seem to be doing well. and a couple of these, not much dramatic reaction but jetblue is up 2% a u.s. air reserve 1.5% at united continent above 1% so that group continues to do well. also worth noting, talking about
1:36 pm
gun sales we are watching that one, that had an incredible intraday spike when this news broke. interesting to watch those. back to you. ashley: all the airline stocks up including jetblue which operates out of terminal 3 at lax. cheryl: we follow the latest developments from lax terminal 3 evacuated, it looks like they're calling this a multi -- altercation incident, law-enforcement coming in and out. we want to send it to our breaking news reporter for more developments. >> there is a fox sports journalist who was at lax in the terminal waiting for his flight that was delayed. he heard the gunshot and said people were hiding under benches and pleaded some of the photos from inside the terminal and outside. maybe we can show one of them
1:37 pm
where there's a security presence inside the terminal and it was total chaos as it was happening, initial burst of gunfire people started jumping over one another and a very strong sense of fear. you see photos of the tarmac, they were evacuated in to the tarmac and are being held in a position where it is not clear where they are but more and more people being brought into this secure area. no information of any kind and no authority figures around. it is the moment where he felt time was moving so quickly yet so slow. kelley moore on the lax security situation. the l.a. times in 2011 did an in-depth profile, the numbers you may want to know on average according to this article in 2011 lax handle 17 takeoffs and landings a day and even more during bid holiday and travel days, sixty-one million people
1:38 pm
who pass through every year, hundreds of surveillance cameras which may be encouraging in this situation. monitor entrances, checkpoints and runway, they zoo in to take a look at the entire airport. every single checkpoint according to the l.a. times there are 45 to 60 workers at each one and for several years lax has used a specially trained behavioral detection officers, keep an eye out for unusual conduct. several layers of security. and in terms of numbers. lori: thank you so much. i want to point out, a locally reporting multiple people with injuries. ashley: the fire department called it an incident, an altercation incident so we do not have the condition of those who have been shot which we
1:39 pm
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do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop takg cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> your fox business brief. office depot and steel to acquire office max had won anonymous approval by the federal trade commission, the decision, the 7 month investigation into the proposed
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$1.2 billion merger. federal reserve president james bullard said in a speech central bank needs reassurance the labour market improvement will last. more confident job gains will stick before any scaling back of its $85 billion bond buying program. u.s. manufacturing expanded last month at the fastest pace in two years. a gauge of purchasing managers found factory activity rose 56.4 in october up from 56.2 in september and a fifth consecutive month we gain for the index and that is the latest from the fox business network kidding you the power to prosper.
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ashley: live pictures from lax. here is the latest. one of the tsa workers has been shot when shots were reported fired at 9:30 pacific time.
1:43 pm
the f a says outgoing flights have been halted since this incident happened at 12:30 p.m. eastern time so that is about an hour and 12 minutes ago. we are told from los angeles fire department it is of multi patient incidents. other reports saying the report says the suspect is in custody. that is what our colleagues at fox news are reporting, we have yet to confirm this but from witness accounts, it was the chaotic scene when gunfire erupted, people were literally led out from the terminal gate onto the tarmac and there was the shooter you can imagine the panic and the gunman was taken down, quote, not quite sure whether he was arrested or whether he indeed was shot as well. we don't know any details regarding the shooter in this case but a swift response from the lapd and the others when
1:44 pm
shots erupted at terminal 3. cheryl: it has been over an hour since the incident happened and we have no official statement from the fbi, local police, the csi. we are following social media. this happened in terminal 3 which has been evacuated. the airlines that access the terminal, alaska, horizon, jetblue, virgin australia and virgin america, pretty strong overall market. we are seeing strength in the airline stocks. friday morning, business travelers returning home for the weekend so we are keeping an eye on this. fox taking a a leg up. ashley: is unclear where the shooting happened, there are suggestions after word. as lori mentioned the airline stocks, we heard from nicole petallides moving hire, terminal
1:45 pm
3 at lax up about 2.4% but all the airlines moving hire. lori: nicole petallides is helping with our coverage. nicole: traders are following this story closely as it is breaking moment to moment, the market receiving momentum in negative territory it happened back and forth and this is a winning week, last friday the dow jones industrials closing 15,570. we are seeing the dow up 34 points, 1758 a gain of 0.1%, to take heavy nasdaq to the downside down 1%, we see any unlike apple with the ipad back and forth in negative territory, airlines that doing well with energy stocks moving on and new ideas today so that is market action overall.
1:46 pm
lori: the shooting this morning at 9:30 local time at lax, the biggest airport in southern california. and one worker was shot, they characterize this as a multi patient incident from the fire department, terminal 3 is where it occurred. it has been evacuated. inbound flights are being allowed to land. ashley: the planes that were scheduled have been held back. cheryl: no outbound flights being allowed to take off. ashley: one witness saying a dozen shots, you can imagine the chaos reports of people running for cover hiding under the benches in the terminal, frightened for their lives, others being escorted quickly to begin its onto the tarmac. lori: we don't know where the
1:47 pm
shooting happened. feeder roads are being stopped so they're putting everything under control making sure people are not coming and going as they please. it is not business as usual. that is our breaking story, we will bring you the latest on the other side of the break. aton't . that's correct. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that? uh, mark? go get help! i have my reasons. look, you don't have to feel trapped with our raise your rate cd. if our rate on this cd goes up, yours can too. oh that sounds nice. don't feel trapped with the ally raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. help the gulf when we made recover and learn the gulf, bp from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap
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lori: back to los angeles international airport 9:30 standard time, there was a shooting, the psa confirms one key as a worker has been shot. is characterized as the multi patient incident. reports are the shooter is in custody taken down and in custody. outgoing flights have been halted. this happened at terminal 3 this morning, 9:30 eastern time, at the white house briefing this
1:51 pm
morning they report no additional information. ashley: let's bring adam house we who is outside lax at this moment. what can you tell us? >> basically they evacuated the entire terminal and focus to couple psa agents. they were telling me when the first report came across it was organized, chaotic organization, people hit the ground and ran for exit, that kind of account, the terminal which is right next door where it took place people were going through tsa talking about how it matter of the second it was all hands on deck, anyone told to get down and go to different locations, some were told the same thing. lot of people assured into restaurants in terminal ii so it got quite chaotic. they unloaded the plane, two of them and on the other side of
1:52 pm
the terminal, they have all been unloaded and the entire terminal is being evacuated as i speak. women and children, parents, kids, father is, sons walking out with strollers and dragging them out. people who were taking the trip are now being told to walk away and they're walking towards terminal 1. ashley: have you heard anything about the shooter? we are told he is in custody, was wearing dark baggy clothing. have you heard anything about the person responsible? >> no. law-enforcement confirmed three down and we are not sure that includes the shooter or not. they are going through a lot of locations in terminal 3, brought the bomb squad in and a lot of abandoned bags now, people who left them and took cover so had to clear each of those back so it will be quite a tedious process and i can tell you the
1:53 pm
area all around the airport michael horse shoe by shape and also researching the parking garage in the middle of that was shoe will be a very long and tedious process as they go through the aftermath of the shooting. lori: reporting from terminal 2, it happened at terminal 3 at lax this morning. we want to go to washington and check in with our correspondent rich edson. what is the white house saying? >> the president has been briefed on this situation. that happens whenever there is something like this, jay carney starting his white house briefing. we also have plenty of talk on the health-care law. kathleen sebelius is out of town on the day lawmakers have released a report showing incredibly for early enrollment figures and a few minutes ago a federal court upheld the challenge to the obamacare provision requiring employers sponsored plans provide birth
1:54 pm
control. the justices find we must determine whether the contraceptive mandate imposed, traveled the right of free exercise, a right the lies at the core of our constitutional liberties is protected by the freedom restoration act. we conclude it does. there are cases challenging that mandate and legal watchers ex will decide that issue. republicans on the house oversight and government reform committee say they have secured the totals from day 1 of obamacare's on my exchange, total of 6 enrollees on the first day and the administration meeting those released by the committee say ongoing issues, high capacity on the web site, direct enrollment not working, experienced creating conclusion with credit check information, fix enrollments have occurred with five different issuers. in response the administration says these up peer to the notes. they do not include were enrollment statistics. we will release enrollment on
1:55 pm
coordinating information from different sources like paper, on line and call centers verify in with insurers and collecting data from state. kathleen sebelius says the administration will release those numbers by the end of this month. lori: we have breaking news out of los angeles. live pictures for you from lax where there was a shooting this morning and it will be a 2:30 eastern time press conference los angeles international airport reporting the shooting suspect is in custody. one key as a worker has been shot according to the gsa itself. they are characterizing this as an altercation injury so we assume that means others were injured as well. outgoing flights halted, incoming flights were allowed to land. no stopped incoming flights. ashley: adam house leader has been told three people showed up but he was very unclear whether
1:56 pm
that included the suspected shooter as well. lot more to come, 2:30 eastern time we will be hearing from authorities on all the latest with an offical news conference. lori: that does it for this hour of fox business. the market is up. the dow was up 50 points. the airline stocks are higher in a broader market strength situation and gunmakers higher as well. with that you can see dow jones industrial average, stick around, fox business continues with the latest on the shooting at lax and full market coverage. keep it right here.
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
ashley: welcome back, everybody, breaking news. we've been following this now for almost an hour 1/2. shots fired at lax, los angeles international airport. the airport closed. plane traffic as you can imagine a mess. jo ling kent with the latest on the story for us. jo? >> we are monitoring. president obama has been briefed
2:00 pm
on the situation according to a spokesperson and the suspect is in custody. the shooting suspect is in custody according to the ap. we are getting on the ground tweets from a fox sports journalist colleague and he is saying that the situation, he heard several shots. hid underneath their seats. they're being escorted into a security area. photos throughout social media, including bill rider from fox sports, showing the secure area is getting more and more crowded with people coming off of planes, out of the terminal into an indoor security area. he says the first update he has received is, quote, the first update, there is no update. i don't know anything. they're evacuating terminals, clearing outbuildings, unquote. an employee has said that they are trying to get everyone inside the terminal in the secure area. food and water, asking them to wait patiently. and they are waiting along with family. he has been there for several hours, now, waiting, originally
2:01 pm
for a flight that was going to take off. a little bit more on lax and what we know about the security situation. cord together "l.a. times" back in 2011 they handle about 1700 takeoffs every single day, maybe more on busier holiday travel day. each tsa check point is staffed by 45 to 60 workers. so a lot of people there. there are hundreds of surveillance cameras all over lax including checkpoints that zoom and pan and look at every single situation there. so that is the latest what we have here at the breaking newsdesk, ashley. ashley: jo, thank you very much. appreciate that. tracy: lax, third busiest airport. can imagine a lot of people -- ashley: yeah. tracy: at this time we'll go right to motorcycle boyd for more on the airlines and how they are affected because of this. hello, everyone, i'm tracy byrnes. mike, what does this do for air traffic around the rest of the country, as i just said, third
2:02 pm
busiest airport, nothing is coming in or going out what happens to the rest of the country right now? >> it starts to get slowly flummoxed. on one thing you have airplanes stuck on the ground in los angeles. every airport out there will have more strict security. you take a trip this evening from denver. get there early. security will be tight. ashley: mike, in the previous hour we were saying that lax, a lot of nights this time of day go west but later in the day with all the east coast flight, back to the east coast. could they still be affected? i would imagine it will take a while to sort out. >> it will and i think, this is what, what will be pretty interesting about this to see what the real reaction is. i always get nervous when they take people in the terminal and herd them into an one area where they are a bigger target. this is litmus test how we respond to things. this doesn't look like a terrorist act. it looks like a crazy act. but we will see. tracy: our sister channel fox
2:03 pm
news there were actually people on planes when this happened. they're still sitting there. the airlines always struggle with this kind of stuff, sitting, waiting, can't get food or warner as they are reporting. what does this do for the industry going forward? >> it doesn't help. most people understand this is beyond their control so i don't think there's a problem with that but keep in mind there is a situation if this shooter was on the other side -- weapon, they're going to be pretty much, they're going to have to check everybody who is in that area right now. >> but, mike, we were talking about this too. you can't really stop someone from barging their way through the security area because tsa, from what i understand, those checkers, don't carry sidearms. if you wanted to run through, you could probably do that, couldn't you? >> you could. you wouldn't get very far. if you're real serious terrorist you don't have to put up with that. there are back doors to the airport, regardless tsa will tell you, wide open.
2:04 pm
a professional terrorist can get on the ramp anytime they want because they don't check a lot of people going on and off the airport. ashley: when you're rushing through, mike, to that point, you would get stopped pretty quickly but difficult for someone responding when it is in such a crowded area, that shooting could endanger a lost innocent people. >> absolutely. i mean it is like, if you remember, after 9/11, george bush put supposedly armed guards at every check point. i don't want to see an m-11 at a check point. it doesn't make sense. someone could get through and no one will shoot at them. they will not get very far simply because of the crowd. tracy: mike, thanks for jumping on the phone and talking to us today. ashley: all right. let's change gears a little bit for you. we have some breaking news in the financial world. peter barnes joining us from
2:05 pm
inside the beltway. peter. >> the federal reserve released guidelines and instructions for biggest banks for the 2014 stress test capital plans. it formally increased the numb per of banks subject to these from 18 to 30. adding 12 of the nation's largest regional banks and operations of some foreign banks, including discover financial service, huntington bank shares, northern trust and zion's bancorp. this is outgrowth of the 2008 financial crisis and designed to make sure taxpayers don't have to bail out banks in the next financial crisis. the fed uses results to approve or reject the bank's stock buyback and dividend plans among other things. that is part of the reason we want to let you know about the development today. the guidelines cover various scenarios for the economy that the banks will use in 2014 projections. much 2economic variables in all. one much scenarios is for a severe global recession like we
2:06 pm
had in the last financial crisis one employment rising to more than 11%. 50% drop in equity prices and a 25% drop in home prices. all 30 of the companies in 2014 in the process for 2014, must submit their plans to the fed for review by january 6th. and as in previous years the fed will publicly release results next march. ashley, tracy. ashley: interesting stuff. peter barnes, d.c., thank you so much. >> you bet. tracy: with all that is going on we have to get down to the floor of the new york stock exchange. right now nicole petallides down there. dow is up 57 points. i mean it doesn't seem to be reacting much. >> well it is interesting. you've had certain stocks reacting to this news. for example, some gun stocks, ruger and smith & wesson had very significant pop on the news but the major market averages are looking more big picture it seems. dow is up 57 points at 16 -- 15,603.
2:07 pm
that is gain of one-third of one percent and higher for the week and closed at 15,570. we're up 30 points for the week. the nasdaq composite is pulling back. nasdaq is gaining slightly. i want to go to quick story on the nasdaq options halt which occurred earlier today. the nasdaq options market with 10:36 eastern time. more technical problems that was according to nasdaq omx. regular stock trading was not affected. we'll move on to the airlines. when you look at airlines that group is considering the news we've been seeing is actually continuing to do quite well. jetblue airlines, the terminal was there for jetblue among others. not just jetblue. two .5% to the upside. -- 2.5%. continental gaining ground despite tough news out of l.a. 4.5% gains for united
2:08 pm
continental. vix moving to the downside. you had comments from charles plosser earlier today and that was somewhat market moving. commodities pulling back. gold is down 10 bucks. back to you. ashley: nicole, thank you very much. to recap what we've been following for over an hour 1/2. a shooting at terminal 3 at los angeles international airport. this is mainly domestic airlines. jet blue, you have virgin america, virgin australia, spirit and so on. the l.a. fire department says it's a multiple patient incident. we've had very few details on who in fact was involved in this shooting. we're told that the suspect has now, is in custody. we also understand that the tsa worker has been shot as a part of this but still a lot of the details are known. lax on partial shutdown. not a complete ground halt. those planes heading to l.a. in the air are going to land. those that hadn't left yet are on hold. that will have a ripple effect
2:09 pm
across the country as the day goes on. we're expecting a news conference at 2:30 eastern time. which we hope will obviously provide more details. we'll continue to stay on the story. tracy: that conference is with l.a. mayor eric garcetti and l.a.p.d. chief, charlie beck. as ash mentioned we'll take it for you. ashley: yeah. tracy: okay, changing subject a little bit. party coming to an end. we'll talk about that in the tech minute. why more of the country has to pay more tax when ordering online from amazon. ashley: as we do this time of day. look how oil is trading. earlier oil falling below $95. that is the lowest since june 26 by the way. down a buck and a quarter at 95.13. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz
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[ male announcer ] prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. tracy: breaking news for you. just to recap, there were shots fired at the los angeles airport around 9:30 this morning in terminal 3. the airport is closed. there is a suspect in custody right now and we have one confirmed it. sa agent shot. and, as our analyst pointed out earlier if you are flying at all
2:13 pm
today, make sure to give yourself time. security will be top alert everywhere across the country. ashley: certainly is. let's turn to shopping now. it is a hard transition but walmart offering black friday deals today, yes, a month earlier than last year. our twitter question, are you waiting for better deals before you go ahead and buy? tracy leaves -- tracy: last second. ashley: christmas eve. elizabeth macdonald has been working the story and joins with us the bottom line. with that, people will say, i can do better than that. >> there is something to say to that. this is something to say, shortest holiday shopping season we've seen in longest time. six fewer shopping days between thanks give and christmas. toys "r" us already out with promotional ad. walmart with unbelievable deals on the website. see here, 299 for a jvc,
2:14 pm
42-inch. xbox 360, already today you can get the deals. are they hitting the promotional panic button as one pundit said? yes. talked to morgan stanley, shoppertrak, they said it will be one of the most intensely discounted shopping seasons since 2009. they feel like how the 2009 shopping season feels like it is happening right now because consumers are not coming out in force. ashley: those profit margins are going to drop tremendously. tracy: rotten for the company. >> if you're a shopper, what is your strategy, wait or take a deal now? we were were talking about thatt the break, right, tracy? tracy: yeah. >> go to walmart, those are door-buster deals. if you don't get the deals now, the door-buster deals may be gone by the time you show up at the story. tracy: i feel like they scare you into buying. i really feel like the stuff is there at the bitter end. you know what? in the six days that you mentioned, there is a weekend in
2:15 pm
there that is huge for last minute shopper like myself. >> that is huge. tracy: that makes me panic. >> makes me panic. we see paypal reporting that they're seeing uptick in online shopping. so people are of course doing online shopping more, right? ashley: it is hard to get someone these days. tough go to the store, get in the car, spend the gas money. find the parking space. battle traffic on highway when you can click away. >> shopper said like gearing up for a small military battle. it is funny, we're digesting and eating halloween canned and talking about christmas shopping. >> on october 30th, i do everything last minute, i went to do halloween candy for the kid and it was gone. christmas stuff was out already. i could have given out candy canes but i couldn't find halloween candy. ashley: trick-or-treat. tracy: what the heck. >> i'm confused. need a dramamine. tracy: they moved, halloween wasn't even over and we're talking about christmas already.
2:16 pm
ashley: will be july 4th before we know it. tracy: absolutely right. >> july 4th shopping? i don't know. you guys, we'll leave it to you to figure it out. tracy: too much. ashley: thank you very much. elizabeth macdonald. appreciate it. tracy: i will still wait to the bitter end. ashley: you and many others. >> it is quarter past. we have to check on these markets again. dow still up about 58 points. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. hey, nicole. >> tracy, ashley, worth taking a look at markets back in the green, snaping a recent selling streak we've seen over last couple days. a winning week on wall street. we're coming off a great month. october we saw a lost gains. 416 points for the dow jones industrials. that was 2.7% gain. nasdaq still to the downside, down almost five points at 3915. s&p is sitting at 1759. we continue to follow the story about the nasdaq halt from earlier today. nasdaq options market, 10:36 i'm. it will be closed through the
2:17 pm
market halt today. we're not talking about regular trading. we're talking about the options market. that is key for you. we'll talk about earnings, aig, msg and chevron. look how they're faring. all three names are under pressure. aig is down 6%. they came out with numbers. a lot of experts thought there was still more room for improvement. a little bit of didn't pointment madison square garden down 3%. chevron, meanwhile the stock down to $117 a share. down 1.7%. we're in the thick of earnings season and a lot of news we continue to contend with. down volume, exceeding up volume on wall street. back to you. >> nicole, we'll see you in a few minutes. we'll have up-to-the-minute coverage of the lax shooting as we await for a news conference from officials. so keep it right here.
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continuing to follow the shooting at los angeles international airport this morning, 9:30 a.m. pacific time. fox news's adam housley reporting that the shooter was a former tsa agent. also police in los angeles saying that three people were
2:22 pm
shot, including a tsa agent by a gunman with a semiautomatic weapon. that is the very latest from the associated press. again, fox's adam housley reporting that the shooter was a former agent of the tsa. and three people were shot. the conditions of those people, we are very, we're not yet heard the very latest on that. wen severely crippled as you can imagine. this happened at terminal 3, generally housing domestic airlines including jetblue, spirit airlines virgin america, virgin australia. all those terminals have been evacuated and still are. we're expecting to hear from authorities in about eight minutes on the very latest information and news conference. on the line now, tom blank, former deputy administrator at the tsa. tom, thank you for joining us. your reaction to perhaps if this is confirmed, that the shooter was a former tsa agent? >> well, first of all i would
2:23 pm
like to extend condolences to the family and friends of the slain officer. i believe that is the first officer killed in the line of duty since tsa has been -- ashley: have you heard he has been in fact killed, tom? >> excuse me? >> have you been told that agent was killed, by gunfire? >> i have seen multiple news media results but i have not first-hand, first-hand knowledge. i would say it is important to keep in mind, really how well the response to this terrible incident unfolded. after 9/11, tsa was created and high level federal security directors with military and, with military, law enforcement background were assigned to each airport. they drew up airport security programs in conjunction with airport management. all the local and federal law enforcement agencies, so when you have an incident like this,
2:24 pm
everybody knows what they're supposed to do and how they coordinate with each other. looks like they very quickly moved to secure individual term has, make a determination through intelligence analysis and their incident command system whether it was coordinated attack across the airport or even across the aviation system. we'll learn more about the shooter if it was a tsa -- ashley: tom, if it was a former tsa agent, would that person have access, or at least knowledge how to get to an area the general public could not? >> that's certainly a possibility. it would have to be, have to be examined. airline workers, airport workers have access to the tarmac in certain areas of the airport. so would tsa workers. the reason they do they are subjected to criminal history records check. that is routinely updated. if you have somebody involving
2:25 pm
into a security risk you ought to be able to determine that before anything bad happens. ashley: so, are tsa, i understand that the tsa workers at checkpoints are not armed but there are people that would-be armed nearby, is that right? >> that would be worked out by the airport security program. the tsa officers are not armed because they're not sworn law enforcement officers. it would be illegal for them to be armed. incident response protocols work out with the local law enforcement or airport law enforcement. they would figure out what adequate time for incident that presents itself. ashley: tom blank, former deputy administrator at tsa, thanks so much for joining us. we appreciate it. all right, manufacturing numbers coming in better than expected. is the economy about ready to take off? we get one economist's thoughts straight ahead. tracy: we've been talking about
2:26 pm
this wine wine shortage. we'll tell you why the reports are not true at all. you can go out and stock up if you like. the dow is up 54 points. don't go anywhere. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
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♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. see who does good work and compare costs.
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2:30 pm
many. all flights being delayed. airport terminal 3 was evacuated and of course if you are taking a flight anywhere in the country there are delays mounting everywhere. we are going to go to the floor -- have adam house we, so nice that you are on the phone with us, you have the best information of the day. adam: my colleague got some information from law enforcement that the tsa agent, the person who had the gun and was told -- let me clarify and start from the beginning. the tsa agent, former or current tsa agent opened fire. that person got through security. he rushed through? he made it past security. got that from a couple witnesses as well. when the shots happened, when
2:31 pm
the gunfire began everyone got down and everybody rushed through security whether you are upstairs or downstairs, you ran, most ran down the terminals, terminal 2 behind me, terminal 3 in similar ship, the horse shoe is the way the lax airport is shaped, everyone ran down the terminal and in some cases out through gates down onto the tarmac so the two important pieces of information confirmed in the last week 10 minutes, the shooter got through security, ran through security and i confirm we believe the shooter is connected to tsa as a current agent for former agent trying to determine what it was. they believe early on, it is work place related. what else have you got? >> they are coming down right now. adam: the mayor of los angeles, we may be hearing in the second. let me take a look. let me take over -- we are going
2:32 pm
to keep an eye out. if we go to my right, shows the viewers what is going on. this is the upstairs of los angeles l a x. horse shoe shaped, you are arrive downstairs. you are not far from terminal 3. they are not connected here so you walk between terminals and upstairs you can see literally law enforcement police and fire fighters everywhere, the bomb squad has come through. with the bomb squad call these people, ims one person and his wife who left everything they had. the bomb squad has to go through that material. >> 60 seconds away from the camera. hopefully we will get a few questions. >> you guys still there? ashley: you say this was carried out by a current or former tsa agent and it was workplace
2:33 pm
related? adam: they believe at this hour, it is very fluid over leon, they told me early, when we were on our way after reports that a shooting happened we were told right away they felt was that and if they didn't think it was terrorist related but it is all fluid. things could always change. information changes by the minute. one person will see something one way and another a totally different way. we do know the witnesses i have spoken to who were going through security, they had the ground for ten second and everybody literally ran through, didn't even stop, through security, left everything behind. 1-woman had one shoe on, one shoe off, that tells you the agents were with them so t.s. agents are not armed. they do security checks the not ours. air marshals are armed. they were waiting for people to walk out here. we can come back when they come.
2:34 pm
>> your waiting for the mayor and the l.a. be the chief charlie back. adam: they are just past the fire truck, i'm walking away from the camera with my back to you guys that they are around the fire truck, we suspect they may come to this location. they will do it foreshore and so when they get here we will put the mike over. we are still -- go-ahead, we are live, breaking news. we are going to move the camera to get closer. i will keep talking, this is terminal 2. we had to run a mile and a half to get to this location. you know where this sits by the ocean south of santa monica, southeast of downtown, southwest of downtown and the location all-around here, century boulevard, it is not mess. people walking literally in every direction with suitcases and in some cases aimlessly.
2:35 pm
they were prepared to board a plane and next second gunfire and walking down the street with bags. it is that kind of scene as we wait, the mayor and the chief to come this way. los angeles international airport is run by l a x police. lori: what happened to the people that were stuck on the plane? where they able to be removed? they were selling tickets to get people off. >> a lot of them actually walked back up, that kind of feeling when you walk off the plane, they walked off of the plane at terminal 2 and hiding in restaurants behind counters but they walked off of the plane and right by us in the last half-hour walk by a so that is what they did. the few planes were allowed to take off because they were already on the tarmac and in a few places allowed to land but i haven't seen a play come in at all in the last few minutes.
2:36 pm
this is throwing off the entire country. delays in jfk, la guardia, out here as well, security on high alert across the nation because of all this. no notion, no idea when anything can leave the lax at this point. >> when you think of major western airports, san francisco, phoenix and denver, these are the gateways to asia and latin america for a lot of people, they go to the east coast and europe, so many especially on friday, so many flights take off. flights coming and landing every minute and we haven't seen only a few land since i have been here. air china flew over me with southwest land and alaskan airliner land and maybe fuel related issues or short final.
2:37 pm
tracy: all these people waiting to coming and come out. at this point people have no choice but to sit and wait and can't even get out of the airport. >> they pushed people back. we are at terminal 2 which is not far from terminal 3. a couple hundred yards at the most. the people that were in terminal 2 basically evacuated, they have walked down by terminal 1 which is the first terminal you come to in this horse shoe. we know there are still some people in terminals 3. i spoke to one man on the phone before his phone cut. we are not sure how many are in terminal 3 but the bomb squad and law enforcement have to go through the entire terminal, have to clear it and the bomb squad has to look at those bags because there has got to be thousands of bags lying around. don: five or six people that left everything as they were
2:38 pm
going through security. 1-woman didn't have rickey's or anything, she has a shoe and the clothes she is wearing. that is the situation and it is frustrating and she has taken off one. and hasn't taken the other boot off yet and she did the ground with her husband and in-laws and they are on the ground for 10 seconds, 15 seconds and everybody got up and started running through the terminal. everyone running. they heard the gunshots downstairs. that is what they heard. sins of coming in about victims. give me one second. we are told there have been tweet female victims taken to ronald reagan medical center. one arrive in critical, two in fair condition. we were told we believe one of those victims is the tsa agent, being told we are being told that maybe one tsa agent was killed. this is very fluid. i can confirm law enforcement says three down not counting the
2:39 pm
shooter. law-enforcement tells me the shooter they believe is former tsa or current tsa but we are told that he got through security. not sure if that is like everybody else but he opened fire and ran through or if he got through first. that will be determined and we will learn about. we are waiting for the mayor to come down the sidewalk as well as the police chief. lax has their own police force, lapd is involved and heavily involved and so is federal law enforcement and the bomb squad, something to keep in mind. we don't know if this was aimed at one person or multiple people, what happened here. ashley: the suspect apparently was wearing dark baggy clothing carrying a high-powered rifle. i would assume, did someone see him before the gunfire rang out? do you know whether he was walking around holding a gun?
2:40 pm
or did anyone see him cry for this? adam: we have heard a number of accounts just like we heard from one law-enforcement agents, but everything is fluid. things can change. so we are trying to get those things, you have to wade through that. people heard ten gunshots and five were echoes. you look at a car drives by, we describe it different ways and at into the situation like this where it is extremely not only fluid but dangerous, hearts racing, people afraid, scared, running, that changes the way people react and what they see and think and here. tracy: gary, if you could comment on the stage of what is going on, news guys reporting that this was either a former or current tsa agents. what does that make you think right now? >> i would want more
2:41 pm
information, but if you look at the history of attacks on airports that involve something like this, the attack on lax in 2002, it was a disgruntled individual in that case and egyptian. the profile of the lone gunman in terms of what is unleashed on the airport, that means people have to be screened both ways, going in and coming out. it will be a long time for the folks at the airport because of the possibility people might know the gunman or be involved or have injuries, a lot of evidence to be gleaned from the airport. ashley: what kind of access could someone who is a current or former gsa agent have that the general public wouldn't that may have helped this individual get to an area where he shouldn't have been? >> obviously they are only supposed to be where they are badged to be but once you are through securities or in a secure area you have pretty much the ability to move freely about
2:42 pm
the airport within your sector. the terminal area, it would be would also have to wonder about the continuing background checks and mental of individuals that are involved but you have pretty free access with an airport badge but you have to clear security. tracy: back to adam, we're getting confirmation to repeat what you said, male victims taken to ronald reagan medical center, one arrives in critical, two in fair. are we going to take this live? we are looking at a press conference going on right now. they are setting up, getting ready for this. we will hear from the mayor and the chief of police to give us some updates. are you still with us? i think we lost adam.
2:43 pm
ashley: if we wait to hear from the authorities at lax, we talked about this earlier but this will have an impact on air travel across the country, we're getting reports. lori: it is going to have a bigger impact for the folks at lax, everyone will have to be interviewed and identified it to see if they have any connection but it does appear they will be able to move the aircraft in the sterile areas of the airport, the air operations area they are allowing to continues to operate but this person getting to and from working will be impossible. how to change your cruise, you won't have turned flight attendant for pilots to get in and out of the airport so outbound flights will be particular lead difficult. tracy: we are waiting for news from the lapd chief charlie back. when we get anything we will bring it to you. this certainly doesn't help the
2:44 pm
industry overall. the process of getting them mention that the bomb squad is fair, though through every single package. for days. lori: they will make quick work of identifying who those people are. any connection to what they saw, september 11th, 2001, hijackers, two were stopped at boston airport in may four months before and no one identified them or check the id or did things like that so it will be a long time for those persons who where they're at the time before they can leave and that is the hardest thing because there is nothing that can be done. they have to have their information identified. tracy: former department of transportation director stay with us, we are going to go to break and keep giving you more details as we get them and we
2:45 pm
are awaiting the lapd news conference at 9:30 pacific time this morning. we will be right back. we're too busy having fun. we get everything perfectly clean by tossing one of these in the wash. and that's it. i wanted to do that. oh, come on. eh, that's my favorite part. really? that's our tide. what'sours?
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for 60 days of lifelock identity theft protection and get a document shredder free. call the number on your screen or go to tracy: to continue phreaking news we are awaiting a press conference of the lapd news conference on the los angeles airport shooting that happened at 9:30 pacific time in terminal 3. adam hall's lee on the scene reporting live for us. we have news that we have one critical, two in fair condition although at this same time more injuries. ashley: law enforcement saying one of those injured in the shooting has died. one debt, injured, may be more injuries but we need to confirm
2:49 pm
that. the shooter also as per tsa sources saying it was not a transportation security officer. that is the nature of these stories. information comes out, it is not true. let's bring in the former director of transportation. thank you as always, your doing the sterling job standing by. as we said this is going to go on and on and on. not only at lax but will this be cut security certainly today at other airports across the country are they going to be on alert? >> yes they are for two reasons. they don't know if it was a lone gunman only aiming for some sort of retaliation or attack at lax or there are other persons or entities out there looking to
2:50 pm
attack other airports and the second thing they have to worry about is copycats. will someone else get the idea to do this and go to the airport? airports all over the country literally all over the world will be on high alert. tracy: fox news's adam house we reported earlier potentially this was a disgruntled person or work related issue. do you place any merit in something like that? >> looking back to the 2002, july 4th, 2002, shooting it was a disgruntled person, an egyptian and eventually the fbi ruled it was a terror attack even though the person had personal issues but he was making the attack at lax because of the treatment of the palestinians. the gunman was killed with two other persons so whenever it is a loan person you look at some sort of personality issues or grudges or things of that nature but to make it accurate the fbi
2:51 pm
did rule the 2002 attack was terrorism. ashley: as investigators continue to look at this in the next hours and days to come could they look at this and change the way security is handled in some way because of what happened? >> i think they certainly will look at it. what is increasing in the united states is we almost schizophrenic about security. we know we have to have attended is important and september 11th, 2001, we realize the way to do it was not by low-budget contractors hired by the airline so we put the tsa in place and start attacking the tsa say we don't need them. a person out of florida on the warpath against the tsa and wants to privatize it. this should put it in perspective. these people are front-line law-enforcement personnel. that we have a tsa person take a bullet for airport security. that shows how serious this is a. person need to understand that, law-enforcement jobs need to be
2:52 pm
performed by trained law-enforcement agents which are what the tsa are. they have to ask the checkpoints need to be armed. that will dramatically increase the costs because that is a different kind of agent. that is 1811 law-enforcement agents and call our armament every 30 days. tracy: you got to believe that will be on the front burner now. to remind everyone we are awaiting the lapd news conference on the shooting that happened in terminal 3, we can see them walking to the podium. hopefully that is an. that being said, everyone has to go back and be retrained and things like that? >> if that determines what is necessary. ashley: they have begun a press conference, let's listen in. >> we don't have it yet apparently. sorry, go ahead. my apologies. >> there have been attacks in public areas of airports before.
2:53 pm
was not determined we needed to do that. ashley: i hate to do this twice but let's listen in now. we do have the audio. >> representatives of all enforcement and public safety community as well as the administrators of this airport. at 9:20 this morning, most of us know now when incident occurred here at the airport with the shooter who is actively involved in terminals 3. i will have the chief of the airport police give you a rundown of what occurred. our executive director at the airport will inform the traveling public and their loved ones what the situation is on the ground. let me say a couple things. i want to thank the law enforcement community for their excellence and coordinated response to this incident. we believe this to be a static situation now, a safe one for those that are in the airport and one in which we are all
2:54 pm
confident we will be able to conduct the investigation necessary to get all the facts out that you and the public wants to know. second, we are working hard in the operations of the airport. if you haven't been able to be in touch with a loved one who was already through security in one of the terminals other than terminal 3, flights have continued to take off at a slower pace especially on the south side which is terminals 4 through 8 and those folks might be in the air right now so do not worry about that. we have flights continuing to land and we will walk through that as well. again, this is the situation of being proactive. if you are having a flight this afternoon we encourage you to stay away from the airport not because of the safety situation but because of the ongoing investigation makes it a different place to travel to. those folks that are here right now we are encouraging folks if you are already in the terminals, terminals beside terminal 3 are open and
2:55 pm
available. and airport hotels that are close by, this will probably be a series of hours until we have the other terminals open and terminal 3 and indefinite amount of time. we will turn over to chief on the ground from the police, to give you a rundown of the incident this morning. >> thank you. patrick began and, chief of police at the l.a. international airport. as the mayor indicated at 9:20 this morning and individual came into terminals 3 of this airport, pulled an assault rifle out of a bag and began to open fire in the terminal. he proceeded into the screening area where tsa screeners are and continued shooting and went past
2:56 pm
the screeners back into the airport itself. personnel officers from airport police, los angeles airport police responded immediately to the cause, they trapped the individual air through the airport and engage in gunfire in terminal 3 and were able to successfully take him into custody. we had an officer involved shooting that took place. as you can imagine, a large amount of chaos took place during this entire incident. we believe at this point that there was the lone shooter, that he acted at least right now with the only person that was armed in this incident, a tremendous amount of investigative work that needs to be done and i will turn that over to the fbi in just a second but nonetheless,
2:57 pm
we have done security sweeps through the entire airport. we feel confident that this particular incident is tied to terminal 3, and terminal 3 only. that is all we have. there is of tremendous amount of investigative work that will need to be accomplished. we have multiple victims that have been shot and have been transported and we have some other injuries as well in addition to the suspect himself. i don't have much more information than that. i don't want to give out information that may not be consistent so i appreciate your cooperation in just getting this little bit of information out now. >> questions at the end. next we will hear from jeanette marie lindsay who is executive director and let folks know in terms of what is happening throughout the airport with flights and the traveling public
2:58 pm
and the traffic around the airport. hold on one second please. we will take questions after. >> i want to let everyone know that technically lax is still accepting incoming flights but we are doing that at less than half of our normal arrival rate. we are only accepting those flights on the south airfield. we are not expecting any flight on the north airfield. passengers that were ready to leave at the time this incident happened have either left on their aircraft or they are holding in the terminal all of the amenities are available in the terminal, we have aircraft that are also situated on the remote had. they have not been unloaded yet. there are one or two diversions' we are making to ontario airport, i encourage any of you to have flights out of the airport this afternoon. please check with your airline
2:59 pm
and. the very best, up-to-date information you can get would be on our twitter line which is still a axe --lax_offici--lax_o. there are many people that were not quite in the airport yet when this happened. we encourage you to find a place at some of the hotels along century boulevard and we will, as soon as possible, we will let you know when we try to get back to full operation but understand it will take quite a deal of time. it will be a logistics carefully address traded logistical ballet. we can get people reprocessed and back on their flights. i think it is fair to say that almost every flight out of the lax today will be significantly late. >> next we have to of the others don't, our fire chief.
3:00 pm
today's is first-aid dollar in terms fire chief. he also runs emergency operational centers. we will speak to both the fire and the operations center activities. >> good morning, jammed tether storm. at this time we have treated seven patients, transported six. we have approximately 100 firefighters coveted to this incident. as chief patrick gannon said, this incident initially started somewhere around 9:20 a.m. at 928 the first resources are on scene. terms of a more heightened awareness the city's emergency operations center has been activated at level one and has been for well over two hours now. this city is standing tall and lean forward to deal with any associated issues that have been outside of the actual lax proper >> thank you. >> next coming here from

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